Marietta Campus FAQs

  • Yes.
  • (Line 5) Name
    (Line 4) Kennesaw State University
    (Line 3) Department / Mail Drop #
    (Line 2) Street Address / Room # or Suite #
    (Line 1) Marietta, GA 30060


    • Mail Drop #, Room # or Suite # are essential for KSU Postal Services
    • Street address, Room # or Suite # are essential for delivery of United States Postal Service (USPS) mail, and for Express Package Services, such as FedEx & UPS, if desiring direct delivery.
  • No, buildings will continue to have their official names, but proper street addresses will be added and used for dispatching first responders, USPS mail, FedEx, UPS, other shippers, wayfinding, Google, and MapQuest.
  • No, the current building letters will be replaced with street address numbers.
  • No, you will continue to use the current maildrop (MD#), Room # or Suite # for interoffice mail.
  • Yes, but that can follow a phased-in approach based on supplies and needs. University Relations will establish an approved format with those vendors.
  • Unfortunately, it will take some time for the address updates to work on mapping services such as Google Maps and MapQuest. KSU has no control over these services, which all pull their mapping data from different sources. 
  • No, the ZIP code will remain as 30060.
  • We ask that you understand that this is a process of the Georgia Department of Administrative Services and our need to provide first responders with the best locatable addresses for all emergencies.
  • The Campus Addressing Project point of contact is Belinda Pedroso, Finance and Accounting Director – Facilities Finance (